DRIVEN - Sandinos Cafe on Thursday 25th October

Surfism Goes Celluloid
‘Driven’ Big Wave premiere at Derry event

Surfism – Driven Premiere
Sandinos, 25th October.

I'm not sure if you are aware but a documentary based around my friend and I has been produced over the last few years, called 'DRIVEN'. We held three invitational screenings(for surf shops and media) across England and Northern Ireland and have organised our next and final screening in Londonderry/derry at Sandinos Cafe on thursday 25th October. It is open to the public. Both of us will be there along with the film maker Anthony Butler to answer any questions you might have about the film or what we have been doing.

The screening will take place at 10pm. The door charge of £3 will cover venue costs and the film will last 50min

Local surfers are delighted to hear that the public premiere of a remarkable film about Irish surf will take place at Surfism on 25th October. ‘Driven’ is the big wave documentary story of Causeway surfer Al Mennies and his mate Cotty’s assault on Aileens. Aileens is the new big wave spot in Co clare, and since it was first surfed only a few years back, it has steadily become a global mecca for surfers seeking insane waves in the 40 foot plus category. Both men trained hard for the day when finally a jet ski would tow them into one of the great waves on planet earth. The film also provides a unique insight into a dramatic rescue, after it appeared to onlookers that they were in serious danger as a huge wave engulfed Cotty. The story made the national news at the time. Commenting, Alistair Mennie said:

“Driven came about through years of surfing and having a passion for surfing and finding bigger and bigger waves. I knew for years that these sort of waves existed of our coastline and now we are riding them on a regular basis. Now that it has been proved that waves as big as can be found anywhere in the world exist of our shores, the only question left to be answered is how big can it get. Cotty and I are both excited about screening the film in the North West and are looking forward to the night in Sandinos”.

Surfism events have already helped Magee student Shauna Ward compete at the World Surf Championships in California. The event also drew a huge crowd to support Letterkenny teenager Alan Dohertys campaign for facial surgery. Surfism draws on the talents and interests of local artists and surfers in an easy going, friendly atmosphere. Organiser, Radio Foyle’s Mark Patterson edits the BBC online surf platform. He said:

“Alistair, or Big Al as he has become known, is a legend in the Irish surf scene. He is one of the very few locals who have gone to other global big wave spots and lived to tell the tale. As it happens, Aileens has been found in Als own surfing backyard, and its only appropriate that the first film to come out about this insane place focuses on the success of a local surfer. People will simply not believe the size of the waves in this film. It’s like surfing off the top of the Guildhall. Were also delighted that Alistair himself will be there on the night”

Surfism, Sandinos, 25 Oct. The Surfism Premieres are sponsored by Troggs and Adventure One.

Editors notes.
1. Keith Harkin (Celtic Man) will perform at this event.
2. It is estimated that upwards of 10000 people in Ireland now surf regularly
3. BBC NI’s surf website: